Hi, my name is Robert Gunner Feie.

I am a Chicago native with a love for figuring things out and understanding. I am a self-taught programmer, starting with MOOCs, books, and online communities to discover web development is the best fit for me. I learned Ruby, OOP, and TDD from the ground up and brought those skills to Ruby on Rails. I am still constantly learning by working on new projects, learning more about the inner workings of web development and writing down everything I can.

With my background in design I like how a well designed application and well written code are all based around fulfilling a need and meeting a form factor. How the process of building an application is almost an organic process of feedback and listening and responding to that feedback. From code smells and refactoring them to the larger scale health of an application architecture to its features and how users interact with the application.

Outside of web development I love listening to podcasts, especially history and comedy. While listening to said podcasts I will probably be building a Magic:the Gathering deck or petting one of my four cats: Mao, Beast, Xerxes and Smash Mouth.

While you're here, let me give you a link to my resume